Most organizations do not lack in concepts and ideas but in possibilities to lead structural and well-thought-out disputations! Thinking lateral and parallel brings out/ exploits the prospering potential which is already within your own person and within your organization.


Why do organizations fail short of structural disputations? Very often it is lack of time to assemble and combine existing concepts and ideas to a conclusive strategy following one common goal. More often it is finding the pragmatic solution for the implementation and tracking of its success. Frequently it is the daily and operational business which does not allow different perceptions or different line of thoughts or ā€“ do not let us fool ourselves ā€“ the plea for controversy and criticism is denied even by the TOP management in order to avoid confrontation.


Organizations become entangled in the conflict between strategic goals and daily business, between historical grown structures and processes and changing demands in an increasingly international competitive environment, between usual business goals and perceived opportunities - and in particular they want a lot, mostly achieve too much in a short time.

This risk can be prevented by enlisting the necessary expertise to your company. As your sparring partner I am responsible for strategic clarity. As sort of an outsourced COO I care about your problems and their solutions.


A solution implementing not only a fast and goal targeted analysis and necessary adjustments in individual business areas but also ensuring swift implementations as well as track keeping of its sustainable success.

Over 18 years of leadership experience at all levels, CEO with hands-on mentality as project manager of future driven projects, experience in general management as well as member of supervisory boards of worldwide active companies will assure you of both: Strategic vision and necessary operational pragmatism.

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