In close consultation according to your needs!


  • Goal oriented and fast analysis of structures and business environment driven by critical factors of success
  • Due Diligence


  • Definition of growth levers and promising expansion strategies
  • Definition of goal oriented strategy
  • Sparring partner and coach for critical decisions and professional challenges
  • Internationalization strategies
  • Structuring changes and organizing implementation
  • Concept development for sales, service, marketing, human resources and finance
  • Concept development for international activities
  • board member and counsel to the executive board or management if required


  • Pragmatic hands-on advice - working languages German and English - with concrete results
  • audits and optimization of structures and processes
  • Acceptance of responsibility and collaboration
  • if required: Leading of business and/or project management for future driven projects
  • Definition of implementation targets based on meaningful key figures
  • Best-practice-solutions for sales, service, marketing, human resources, finance and internationalization
  • Monitoring of daily business by introduction of meaningful key figures and standardized reports
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